It is more than a photo, it is a window to your inner world.

Biofeedback Expert
18 years' Experience


What is Aura Photography?

Aura photography uses a high-tech biofeedback imaging camera. Designed by physicists and electrical engineers, this camera produces a Polaroid photo of your body's invisible, dynamic electromagnetic field (aura/energy) in brilliant color.

This bio-data is based on your energy centers (chakras). Dianne will then give you a personal, detailed interpretation of your colors along with individualized handouts regarding your personality colors.

Why take the picture?

The photo is a fast track into seeing how life is affecting you. What's your answer to everyday issues? Do you react or respond? You will have the opportunity to choose once you are in touch with this behavior. The photo is useful as a self-discovery tool to enter a new reality of awareness to make better informed choices and decisions in your life.

Let Dianne assist you in becoming a multi-dimensional person radiating all the colors of the rainbow. Learn what it takes to empower yourself and then go on mission with this strength.

Benefits of Aura Photography.

A window to your inner self. The electromagnetic energy field can inform you about your personality, feelngs, talents, desires and energy structures. Helps you see what is going on in your personal space and seeing it is the first step toward making healthy changes. You can attain zing and zest. Fosters a desire to learn what your colors mean and how they affect you. You understand the E S S E N C E of you. When you learn about your aura, you see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy. You then begin expanding your intuitive awareness which helps in discovering your own truth. The aura does change as you change.

Also, you may just want an objective opinion on some aspect of your life that's consuming way too much energy. Having listened to hundreds of clients tell their stories, Dianne has been able to offer solid help. Let her do the same for you.

Have you had your 'AURA' checked lately?

An aura party is great entertainment when you want something really different. The photo enlivens your event with fun, excitement and fascinating conversation.

Dianne Reddington, president of Attune Aura Photography has been a biofeedback energy consultant since 1992. Graduated De Paul University and is on adjunct faculty at Harper College.

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